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ROBERT FROST: The road not taken

..i came across one of my favourite poems by Robert thanks in part to my guardian angels at Chatter.. the graphic embellishment by zen pencils makes it better

ROBERT FROST: The road not taken.

ROBERT FROST: The road not taken


Mobile Money… the dangers of


Sunday mornings are intended to be lazy. Well, mine are. It’s the only time I have the house to myself, since my house-help is off and my baby goes to visit church with her grand-dad. So my Sunday mornings are dedicated to sleep, Crime TV, and the occasional pancake. Which is exactly how I planned to spend this Sunday. Unfortunately, technology had other ideas.

See, there’s this new product that connects M-PESA to your bank account. For me, it’s a lifesaver, because my typical monthly cycle involves taking money out of the bank and putting it into M-PESA. Because my work hours and my bank hours don’t correspond, it takes me three days to pay all of my bills, which is really annoying. So helping me skip a few steps is pure genius!

I can only get to the bank on Saturdays, so I was really irritated when they told…

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