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Emotional Rollercoaster


Once upon a time I owned a Yahoo mail account!

Yes, n’ezikokolima gaali maji (Even those cockerels that crow were once eggs)

So out of curiousity or my involuntary insomnia I managed to recover my password, marking thousands of emails as read, the chain letters, the 419ers and things I subscribed to that had me holding my ribs in laughter induced pain.

All emails being read, I looked through the sent folder and saw the young man forwarding chain letters, applying for opportunities and writing to penpals abroad.

The sentence construction in there is exquisite and complete. These days I have to be reminded to use full sentences.

I don’t know how I ended up in the outbox folder but there were tears of nostalgia in my eyes and a little bit of rage as I skimmed through the words of anger I held back and the opportunities I might have missed because I held back. Michael Jordan was right about that.

You miss 100% of all the shots you never take! Wayne Graetzky

I came across an email to a Namukasa. The name was typed into the To: section but it wasn’t an email address just the name.

In the subject line were two words “Emotional Rollercoaster”.

This piqued my interest as I started to read smiling at my seeming poetic prowess in 2010 before I saw brackets and realised these were song lyrics and definitely not mine. My mind raced. Who is / was Namukasa and why was I sending her this song?

I searched my Facebook friends, recovered my Hi5 account but couldn’t find a Namukasa. Perhaps she spells it differently these days, same way my emails have less salutations. Nam_casa? Just know, all variations brought no results.

Tagged / hi5 was it way back then


Enter Google!

This was a terrible idea because there are several Namukasas and image search wasn’t helpful.

Not Namukasa, but who knows?


Defeated I typed “lyrics Emotional Roller Coaster” and found out about a one Vivian Green that had sang a song. The YouTube link had me mellow and feeling bashful again. I know you’ll agree with me that this song / lyrics were purposefully chosen.
So Namukasa, if you are reading this, please send me your email address so I can deliver your message.

Perhaps you will help me fill the gap and find me, because I am lost and on an emotional roller coaster and I need reminding

Emotional Rollercoaster (mp3)


Confronting mortality, embracing humanity


This could have been the last thing I ever saw! And this near death experience had me shaking like a leaf over an hour later.
The road was clear on both sides an occasional car whizzing by as I steadied my phone to capture the gathering rain clouds to my right and the red sunset sky opposite me.

Nearby a young man sang out the price of his Matooke.

Four quick bursts and I was ready to take another shot of the setting sun, when from the corner of my eye I saw a tipper truck, Dyna, come hurtling towards us as we stood on the opposite side of the road. Brakes screeched and the skid marks were temporarily ablaze as the smell of burnt rubber wafted towards us together with this monstrous vehicle.
It veered to the wrong side of the road, careening as if to topple over in the middle of the road.

For a moment it was on two wheels, as if held by an invisible wire, and then landed unsteadily onto all four narrowly missing a school bus full of Mukono Nursery school children, jumping the keen and coming to an abrupt halt less than a metre away from the bumper of the Toyota Hiace Supercustom on the other side. The Matooke merchant and everyone nearby scattered as fast as their legs could carry them, away from the now stationary vehicle.

Three visibly shaken youth jumped out of the co-drivers door, the truck belching blankets of black smoke as if the driver had slumped in his seat with his feet on both the accelerator and brake.

I was transfixed! Alone on the kerb as everyone seemed to have magically found refuge about 5 metres behind me.
Clumsily he reversed into the road, where all the traffic had stood still and drove in the same manner, taking a right turn further ahead, it’s former passengers melting into the growing crowd.
“Emmere ya bwerere” (The Matooke is free!), the young man began to chant again, perhaps grateful for his spared life.

The ensuing conversation retold the tale and speculated on the cause as I gathered my wits and embarked on my journey home.

Pensive, silent and re-living that moment in my mind, unable to brush away the vividness.
1. We need to have a conversation on the state of mental health in this nation. The precursors, the causes and effects and the general management of #MentalHealthUG
2. Youth unemployment in Uganda is a disaster waiting to happen. Drug use is rampant and this leads back to my suggestion on mental health.

Hashtag? #YouthUnemploymentUG
3. Whereas there is a need for Motor Vehicle inspection we need to be candid on SGS and the unanswered questions around it.

Empowering the department of motor vehicles of the Uganda Police or equipping the Ministry of Works divisions in every district to be able to do this would seem like a better option.

For now it seems only cars entering and leaving Kampala will be inspected which is suspect to say the least.

And there’s the JEVIC inspection on purchase to talk about.
4. Stay woke, be alert, love one another.

Be kind and polite. Say hello to your neighbours.

For you know not the day nor the hour.

Communicate because we live in a world where technology has enabled us to be connected and yet lonely and alone.

As we harness the shifts in our generation let us not lose our core, our humanity.

#UGblogweek Day 6: The dots connect backwards

#UGblogweek Day 6: The dots connect backwards

The late Steve Jobs, one of the great minds of our times said this.

Looking back from now it is easy to play down (downplay) or praise the not so beautiful and the pleasant memories of school life respectively. The tale of the hint will always favour the hunter, until the lion learns to speak.

Like a beautiful house, with a foundation of broken bricks and stones, the ugly matters too. These odd bits that made us stronger – the bullying, the loneliness, the failure.

And still, like that beautiful house, the tiled roof with glass panels, letting light in and visible as from afar, we can not stand sans foundation and walls.

Education (school) is that foundation.You may think agriculture taught you nothing, but the appreciation of nature and maximum use of resources was a life skill thus derived.

First forward and you design your own graphics, manage social media pages, train CEOs, invoice corporations and pitch to agencies and you believe crop rotation was a myth?

You sit in an accounting firm but have businesses on the side and you wonder how that is related to paddocking. 

Yes, Sundiata and Shaka Zulu mean nothing now, but see how much you remember. How you trained your brain and eyes to power scan – pick important information from a million tweets.

I end with a quote from the same great man. Not to settle, and when you arrive to  bless the broken roads that led you there (Rascal Flatts)

Where is the Uganda Communications Commission?

Where is the Uganda Communications Commission?

I have been on the inside, I know what they do. Several harried individuals keeping the commission on its feet. But for the average Uganda we  see nothing..

From digital migration back to SIM registration, it looks like the UCC can’t do anything right.

Cut them some slack.. They need more capacity, more time! 

Hilda will hear nothing of it.Her number of 7 years went missing and on arrival at Airtel, it belongs to someone else. HOW?!

I purchased a personalized number – preffered, MTN likes to call it – 832669 (DANNY) to match the other that I possess. On trying to retrieve my number,the call records are mine, and now  it is registered to a Unia. And I have to go to Headoffice who say I can’t get it back without the registration forms (that I filled and left with the agent)

Six months down the road, a second phase of registration, Unia has never used my number and the agent says it is back on the street, to be sold to someone else, BECAUSE IT HASNT BEEN ISED IN 6 MONTHS. HOW?

Can I buy it back? We don’t know which shop it is in!

Can I get a SIM and choose it as my preffered number? No!

Kati nkoleki?

The challenge is you customers lose the slip of paper that you were given, the SIM Packs – even for National IDs.

But I gave you my photo, my thumbprint and my details, where is your copy?!

I hope Richard gets it right at NSSF at least he can show the jokers the way – Kudos NSSF on 30 years (not of bananas)

But I want my number back

A not so Christmas story

A not so Christmas story

Haku drew his blanket around himself, placing his sack of belongings below his head. He punched at shoved it till it felt just right.

With a sigh he drew the blanket up to his chin in the makeshift shelter he had built on the grazing land. It was temporary and so he could not take much Liberty in its finishing. Except it allowed him a good view of the cattle and the night sky.

“Kenyana is rather beautiful” he thought quietly “but her father will probably require many cows, and not from a cowherd like me.”

He yawned loudly and rubbed his empty belly. This night promised to be cold, even rainy. Already he could make out only a couple of the stars, the rest dim and only visible when he stared hard.

He saw the three bright ones he had seen while he sang to her under the Jacaranda tree by the well. Her eyes seemed bright and she did smile quite often.
“She must like me – or at least she finds me amusing!”, he thought.
Next time he would have to find some new jokes, but when would the next time be.
She was always going to festivals with her folks, rarely did she come to the well, and when she did she did she always had a couple of other girls with her.
Today was different all the luck was on his side and all he could do was sing. He felt foolish now but there wasn’t much he could do.

Kenyana was a diamond, a gem! And he fell asleep with the thought in mind, images of her giggling happily in his dreams and a smile playing at the corner of his lips.

He didn’t hear the caravan of camels walk past or the bright star gliding steadily across the night sky.

But Haku was unexplainably warm and happy and would not awaken till the crack of dawn

So this is Christmas

So this is Christmas

I thought to write of Yuletide past – singing Noel, the plays, the Christmas Carols, Cantata, the tree, decorations, balloons, new clothes, that Christmas cassette, the lights, family photo in matching clothes – the longest church service , village visits, new clothes and that Christmas meal that almost always left me feeling ill!
Kulya Christmas – to eat Christmas! That’s what it was…



Now two days to and I can’t seem to feel the buzz – it is a break from work, a chance to go on holiday, every family member planning their own gateway – bills, jam, worrying about January – oh! How the years go by

Somehow we forget to put the CHRIST in Christmas
– replace with X – where X stands for food, bingeing, holiday, leave from work etc

And whilst we wait for the spirit to kick in, it escapes us the real reason for this season…

I don’t know what X stands for in your case but you could say in the comments section

Merry Christmas to you all and all the best in the new year! Feliz Navidad



If music be the food of the soul, play on..

Lately I’ve been listenin to a lot more music… And thanks to Rick Dees I get a fine share of 40 good ones weekly! The rest are rock and other songs mainly off local radio or on whatever device is nearest me..

I love music!

..and now I notice how the song lyrics say things I want to, how the artistes seem to be singing about me

“i’m building me from the ground up”

“I wish I was strong enough to lift not one but both of us”

…but they are only words, non? Or is there a message in the wind?